Travelling With Family

13925541_1028637687185455_8247057365898101939_oTravelling with family could be a tricky one because it would need more expanse than your single or individual trip. There are some tips and trick while you travels with kids to make them happier and love to travel even in the public transport.

  1. Food – Makes sure that you have enough food and drink for them to consume while they are on the train or a car. When their tummy save, you can delete one of you worry in the way of your destination. Don’t forget to keep the food healthy and reduce crisp and chocolate that might be not good for their teeth (reminder for myself)
  2. Things to Do – They sometime get bored very easily when they just sitting on the chair on the public transport or your private car. Make sure that you bring enough things to do when they are in the car. Doing some reading also helpful although some of them might feel dizzy when they are reading in the car. Some of cross word, find the difference, or another activity on the book that usually available in supermarket could add a little help so the traveling become much more better.
  3. Cloth – It would be very lovely if they wear a cloth that can keep them very cozy and comfortable. Don’t put to much layer as they may become so warm and become more easily to complain and it would makes you stressful and don’t enjoy the travelling.
  4. Toilet – Don’t ask how many toilet they need if you traveling with the kids. Makes you way to destination a bit more flexible if you use a car because you have to spare your time to spend on several services to go to the toilet. Of course sometime it is not only toilet, a cup of hot chocolate or coffee would help them calm down

These are some of tips and trick when you travel with the kids. I hope it helps.


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